I am a senior technical writer born, raised, and living in Smithfield, RI. I attended public schools K through 12, delivered newspapers, played soccer, and graduated Smithfield High School with honors. When I'm off work, I enjoy growing vegetables, visiting family and friends, and playing with my Dad's dog Scamp.


In my career, I have worked for over a dozen corporations, learning how to grow my skills, provide value, make change, and get work done. I've provided telephone technical support, project management, software quality assurance testing, system administration, video production, and process design and improvement. Today, I write policies, standards, processes, procedures, and guidelines for my team and department.


Collaboration -- working with others to define problems, set goals, design solutions, and deliver results -- is the skill I have practiced the most. It's one of the many skills I am eager to put to work for all of us. With your support, I'll be the first District 22 State Senator in a long time who will listen to you, and collaborate with you, to build a future that works for everyone.


I am ready to serve Smithfield, Lincoln, and North Providence as our State Senator, and I ask for your vote in the Democratic Primary on Primary Day, September 13th

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Melanie DuPont:
A kind, skilled, successful collaborator who is ready to transform the way your State House works for you.


for All
  • Enact Medicare-for-All style universal healthcare

  • Ensure every RI resident has mental, dental, hearing, and vision care

  • Take on big pharma to make prescription drugs affordable

  • Protect reproductive freedom

Quality Education
  • Tax the rich to fully fund our public schools

  • Create smaller class sizes

  • Improve our school buildings

  • Ensure that all public school teachers earn at least $60,000 each year, and have a budget that fully funds supplies

  • Legalize cannabis ✓

  • End mass incarceration

  • End cash bail

  • Ban for-profit prisons

  • Ensure police accountability

  • Invest funding in mental health services and drug-overdose prevention

  • End family separations

  • Provide drivers’ licenses to undocumented Rhode Islanders

Pandemic Protection
  • Vaccine requirement to enter public spaces including restaurants, bars, and stadiums (except for people with valid medical or religious reasons not to get vaccinated)

  • Implement a statewide mask mandate in public spaces

  • Expand paid sick leave

  • Help small businesses recover from the pandemic

  • Pass a $19 per hour minimum wage ($39,520 annually)

  • End tax breaks for big corporations

  • Reduce magazine capacity

  • Regulate assault weapons

  • Remove state sales tax from safe-storage equipment

  • 21+ to purchase long guns and ammo 

  • Prohibit long guns in public

Green New Deal
  • Take on the fossil fuel industry to ensure clean air, clean water, and clean energy for all

  • Achieve 100% clean electricity by 2028 and net zero emissions by 2040 (first in the country)

  • Shut down corporate polluters in frontline communities, with a just transition for workers

  • Preserve our natural resources, eliminate clearcutting, expand regenerative agriculture, and guarantee public access to our shoreline

  • Create thousands of good union jobs

  • Expand public transportation, electrify all buses, and make the bus free

Democracy for All
  • End the influence of corporate lobbyist money

  • Enact public campaign financing

  • Make election days statewide holidays

  • Repeal the voter ID law

Reproductive Autonomy
  • Enhance and protect our right to determine for ourselves whether and when we will become pregnant, gestate, abort, or attempt to give birth

  • Repel attempts by the state and fed to dictate our family size to us

for All
  • Ensure that all working families in Rhode Island can afford housing

  • Extend the eviction moratorium throughout the pandemic

  • Implement a utility-shutoff moratorium throughout the pandemic

  • Build 10,000 green affordable homes for working families

  • Implement statewide rent control to ensure that rent increases do not exceed 4% annually

Melanie is proudly endorsed by...

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2022 RI Dem Womens Caucus.png
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  • Clean Water Action

  • Climate Action RI

  • One Fair Wage Action

  • Renew US

  • RI Coalition Against Gun Violence

  • RI Democratic Women's Caucus PAC

  • Sierra Club RI Chapter

  • Sunrise Providence PAC

Senate District 22:

Precinct Numbers and Polling Locations


1701 / Lincoln Middle School,

152 Jenckes Hill Rd



2406 / Tri-County Community Action Center,

33 Maple Ave

2407 & 2408 / Greystone School - Gym,

100 Morgan Ave


3101 / Raymond C. LaPerche School - Cafeteria,

11 Limerock Rd

3102 / Old County Road Elementary School,

200 Old County Rd

3103 / Pleasant View Elementary School - Cafeteria,

100 Pleasant View Ave

3104 / Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School - Cafeteria,

10 Indian Run Trl

3105 / Smithfield High School - Gym,

90 Pleasant View Ave

3106 / Elks Lodge #2359,

326 Farnum Pike

Make a plan to VOTE on September 13th!

Click here to find your polling place and view a sample ballot.

Polls will be open 7AM to 8PM.

Bring your photo ID!

Can't wait? Vote NOW at your Town Hall!

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Friends of Melanie DuPont

25 Higgins St, Apt 203, Smithfield RI 02917-4007

campaign@MelForRI.com  401-757-0635

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